Region 23 Mariachi Information

  1. Mariachi auditions are for high school students only.
  2. There will be no region mariachi ensembles this year due to Covid-19.
  3. Any student wishing to audition for mariachi should be prepared to audition for Area/State (they must learn all three etudes in their entirety).
  4. There will be one round for auditions (Area Eliminations only).  Students that qualify to record for area will automatically qualify for region and will receive a region patch. These are the numbers that will be accepted to record:

    Violin - 9
    Trumpet - 3
    Vihuela (1)
    Nylon Guitar (2)
    Guitarra de Golpe (1)
    Guitarron (1)
    Harp (1)

  5. During the Area Elimination Round, all three etudes (vocal included) must be heard in their entirety.
  6. The Area Elimination Round and State Recording will take place on the same day(s) as strings.
  7. TMEA sponsors that are in charge of mariachi at their school should be responsible for entering students into the mariachi audition process.  They must be an active TMEA member, and are required to be present at all mariachi auditions/events involving their students.