Region Clinic and Concert Update:

The Orchestra Directors of Region 23 voted that the live Region Clinic and Concert will be cancelled for the 2020-2021 school year.  In the interest of the safety and health of the students, directors, and families involved, the Texas Music Educators Association cancelled all live events for the fall semester.  This topic was debated and discussed thoroughly at the 2020 Fall Region meeting which was held the evening of August 6 via Zoom. During the meeting, the directors felt these concerns would continue in some fashion through the Spring Semester.

However, the Region Audition remains scheduled for this fall as it is a vital process to student musician growth and a valued part of the state orchestra curriculum. Students who earn membership to the Region 23 Orchestras will receive a patch. Further, High school students who audition would qualify to pursue the Area and All State path.

Plans are currently exploring the production of some type of a virtual orchestra for those students who are accepted into the region orchestra.  The directors felt that it was important to give a deserving experience to these students.  More details about this project will be given at a later time.

Again, the Region Audition remains scheduled for the fall. These auditions will be recorded remotely by each student.  In addition, the TMEA All-State ensembles are currently still scheduled for February 2021.  For those High School Students interested in making the All-State ensembles, auditioning for Region is a requirement for a student’s advancement in that process. 

One final mention about the region audition.  The audition dates have been adjusted:

High School Region October 10-13
High School Pre-Certification for Area October 17-21
High School All-State October 31-November 4
Junior High Region November 7-11

Finally, detailed information about the student recording, including the five-day window, and submission process for these auditions will be sent in September. 

It is for your growth and development as a musician, that we encourage everyone interested to continue in the Region Audition Process.